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Aquaculture Suplies
Aquaculture Suplies
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Here you can post aquaculture related items that you may want to sell. You can also post wants and needs. 

Hello! Dear Everyone! We're a Chinese industry-leading enterprise specializing in skimmers, pumps, LSS(life support systems) & RAS(recirculating aquaculture systems) for fish tanks, public aquariums, seafood ponds and aquaculture as well as filters for swimming pools. Should you have any questions,... (More)
Looking for information and understanding of experience with pond liners. Specifically looking to compare between EPDM, HDPE and the effectiveness of using geomembrane. Need to line a 100 cubic meter concrete tank and 2 - nursery tanks, Compare cost, ease... (More)
Aquaculture activity is increasing day by day throughout the word. To develop Aquaculture, we require good soil, good water source & electricity. To overcome the issue of unavailability of electricity, we developed this long arm aerator which can work with... (More)
Robin Pearl
Chief Shrimper at AMI and API

We are using the Magic Valley Aqua Life pumps. They are very good at what they do. More expensive then the Vietnam version however....