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Shrimp Feed
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Shrimp Feed Vietnam

What are the three most popular shrimp feed brands in Vietnam holding a combined 80% market share in the Vietnamese shrimp aquaculture industry?



Zeigler RAS Feeds

After extensive and ongoing research, Zeigler has developed a complete line of feeds and new feeding programs custom designed to support hyper intensive RAS shrimp production systems. Technology is rapidly advancing. Feeds and feeding methods drive these systems and... (More)

Robin Pearl
Chief Shrimper at AMI and API

Feed stability... What is preferred time before the feed breaks down?

It used to be preferable to have feed pellets with a long stability under water, especially if you only feed a couple of times per day, but with new auto feeding systems that feed at much greater frequency, or on... (More)


Hello Gerardo, send me an e-mail and I will send you the specifications of my shrimp feeds. I am based in Belgium, so I can supply smaller quantities fast.