On september 6, was released the third issue of The Aquaculturist (El Acuicultor), quarterly journal of Venezuelan Aquaculture Society (Sociedad Venezolana de Acuicultura).  Its worth to say that the journal is written in spanish. This issue, corresponding to july 2021, has some interesting articles for shrimp farming:

* Wilem van der Pijl writes about the renewed interest in  black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon, in India.

* Fernando Kubitza writes on efficient management of aeration.

* Luis Fernando Aranguren and colleagues form University of Arizona writes on effects of salinity on EHP impact in Penaeus vannamei.

* SVA editorial team dedicate a tribute to recently deceased shrimp pathologist Donald Lightner.

You can download the issue in the link below. We hope you enjoy it.