You will never see too many shrimp jumping at the same time!

What happens when you build a cylindrical shrimp tank with a diameter of 14.50 meters and a height of 1.21 meters containing culture water volume at a height of 0.91 meters and you improvised it out of (1) steel pipes, (2) corrugated steel bars, (3) plastic polyethylene screen, and (4) HPDE pond liner?

You create an above-ground elevated circular shrimp pond containing a volume of 200 cubic meters and harvest 1,000 kilograms (1 metric ton) of shrimp at 5 kg shrimp/cubic meter. (September 10, 2020)

You build 5 of these and you harvest 5 metric tons per production cycle… Cheap. Practical. Easy to build... and bigger.

The dimensions of the tank in the video are just my own estimate using the height of the people in the video as a reference point e.g. (1) the depth at waist height of the culture water, which I approximated at 0.90 meters, and (2) the people leaning on the wall of the tank which I placed at about 1.21 meters.