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Patrick Wood
Asked a question 3 years ago

Anyone with info on standard oxygen transfer rate and SAE comparison paddlewheels versus venturi injectors?

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Robin Pearl
Chief Shrimper at AMI and API

Interesting that none of the nano or venturi or nano guys are able or willing to post any real data... yes. I believe Boyd did some extensive research on Paddle wheels, but I have not seen any on the nozzles or the nano bubbles. FYI, we are big believers in the venturi nozzles. But like with everything else, there are lots of different nozzles out there, and we have seen a great deal of variance in their performance. We have no idea what the optimal pump pressure and water volumes per nozzle are. I am sure we are not as efficient as we can be, ie we use lots more HP then likely required, but I always prefer to err on more DO rather then less. One last point on the venturi nozzles, I believe that they are likely hurting our FCR because it seems that the shrimp are spending lots of energy navigating the various currents and flows that are generated by the nozzles. 

Hi everybody,

Venturi has the highest SAE in Bubbler aerators while paddlewheel has the highest in spalsher aerators. The SAE of both are in a wide rage depends on design, materials, dimension and technology, but you may consider 2-2.5 kg O2/Kwh, as a normal rate for SAE.

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