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Welcome to the new ShrimpList

Welcome to the NEW SHRIMP LIST

While it was our intent to keep this site open for anyone to join, hackers have been abusing this option. We have turned off the ability to join this list directly. If you are interested in joining this list, please send an email to with your full name, and reason for joining and we will send you an invite to join this community.

Thank you, Robin Pearl



This new Shrimp List is hosted by shrimp professionals for shrimp professionals. PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMUNICATIONS POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES. SLANDER AND FOUL LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED and could lead to removal of posting privileges on the list.

Everyone who has an interest in the shrimp farming industry may register and ask questions, opine, comment, blog, search, post, seek employment, and sell aquaculture related stuff. It is our hope that the new shrimp list will fulfill the original Yahoo based shrimp list goal where members can obtain answers to their questions and easily post or search anything shrimp related.

Members may vote good answers up or down and this will cause the best answers to rise to the top. There is a tremendous amount of experience in the world on shrimp and by being able to freely share this knowledge, the whole industry will benefit. 

I have created an initial 6 groups, News, husbandry, feed, marketing, employment and for sale groups. Please feel free to add additional groups. Try to keep your posts or questions within the relevant groups. 

The site and service are not without cost. My company, American Broodstock Corp. will commit to pay the approximately $100 per month service fees as a donation to our industry as a thank you for the income and success it has created for all of ABC's stakeholders. If you are interested in sponsoring this site and having your logo listed, please contact me offline and I will be happy to share the expense with others. 

I am very excited to offer this new alternative and hope that in the coming years it will grow rapidly. The fact that all posts and content are fully searchable should make the information contained herein very valuable for anyone who has a need to know more. Add pictures, movies, studies, etc. the list is set to allow it all. 

Welcome and thank you for joining,

Robin Pearl

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