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Sergii Vilenovich
independent consultant on technologies for growing shrimp at RAS
Asked a question 2 years ago

Good afternoon, dear colleagues! tell me how you can use this site to write personal letters - to certain participants. respectfully

The New Shrimp List is created to replace the Yahoo group shrimp list that has been deprecated by Yahoo. This new site will allow anyone interested in the shrimp industry to post, question, search, blog, etc. etc. the new site offers much more flexibility and in time should serve as an extensive knowledge base for anyone who wants to learn more about the shrimp industry.

Signing up is free and simple. you may cancel your membership at any time. All we ask is that you conduct yourself professionally on this professional site.

Robin Pearl
Chief Shrimper at AMI and API

Sergii, this is a public forum and the only info available is the username. Most persons prefer not to have their email published. I guess you can post a question to obtain some members email by including their username in the message. You can also click on the user profile and see if they have a LinkedIn profile associated to their user ID, you can then request to connect with them via LinkedIn.