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Fridi Mellemgaard
Partner - Sincere Aquaculture
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi, I'm doing a research paper on the indoor shrimp farming. Does anyone know have many indoor shrimp farms there are in the US?

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Hello Fridi. In your research, it may be worthwhile to separate commercial operations from small backyard operations like the type RDM is setting up around the State of Indiana. I would consider most of these backyard operations as more like hobby farms rather than commercial shrimp farms. That is why most of them end up closing down within two years of launch. I would venture to suggest a minimum of three years in operation before being included on the list!


Hi Fridi,

Finally, someone is updating the total number of shrimp farms in the U.S. from that made by Granvil Treece in 2018 from a Texas perspective.

Keep us updated when you’re done.

Thanks in advance.